DIP Master
Dimitrovgrad industrial park "Master" was formed on March 21, 2018 with the support of the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and the largest manufacturer of heavy trucks KAMAZ PJSC, based on the experience of the latter in the creation of industrial parks on the example of the Kama industrial park "Master". At the moment, the park has 135 thousand square meters. m. production and 15 thousand office space. The site is fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, secured parking for cars and trucks, a railway line, has a convenient transport interchange and is adjacent to the federal highway "Ulyanovsk-Samara", as well as proximity to three airports: "Ulyanovsk-Tsentralny", "Kurumoch", "Vostochny" and to the river port "Ulyanovsk" gives an additional advantage, which will optimize the costs associated with logistics.
DIP "Master" is multidisciplinary and is ready to accept residents of various fields of activity on its territory.
The park has formed one of the most complete support packages for businesses with the most comfortable conditions. The cost of renting production space is 120 rubles / sq.m including VAT and office space is 222 rubles / sq.m including VAT. The park has the lowest utility rates among the sites of the Ulyanovsk Region and the Volga Federal District. For residents of the park, the income tax has been reduced to 13.5%. In addition, in connection with the receipt of the status of the territory of advanced social and economic development for the city of Dimitrovgrad, the residents of the park have the opportunity to receive additional tax preferences:
  • Income tax, incl. RF and Ulyanovsk region - 0%
  • Land tax - 0%
  • Corporate property tax - 0%
  • Transport tax - 0%
  • Insurance contributions to the state off-budget funds of the Russian Federation - 7.6%, including:
  • Pension fund - 6%
  • Social insurance fund - 1.5%
  • Compulsory health insurance fund - 0.1%
  • Customs duties - 0 (free customs zone).
At the moment, such enterprises as Torsion-D LLC - the production of products from wire, chains and springs, Avtosvet LLC - the production of electric lamps and lighting equipment, Prism LLC - the production of mirrors, the formation and processing of sheet glass, LLC "Avella" - production of liquid soap, paints, varnishes and similar materials for coating, printing paints and mastics, LLC "AVP ROTANG" - manufacture of furniture, LLC "Polesie-DG" - manufacture of toys, plastic products, LLC "YURMITA" - organization of public catering, LLC "DAZ" - production of wiring accessories, LLC "Form-Resource" - metal processing and coating on metals, LLC "Sladkaya Zhizn" - production of gift sets, LLC "PLASTIC-DD" - production plastic products for agriculture, electrical engineering, automotive industry, TeplorUS LLC - production of steam boilers, VOLGAKHIMPLAST LLC - production of other chemical products not included in other groups, TEKHNOSNASTKA-DD LLC - mechanical processing of metal products, Naukograd LLC - production of materials used for medical purposes, MPG F7 LLC - production of disinfection devices.
The most complete information about the conditions for the placement of the Dimitrovgrad industrial park "Master" can be found by calling:
8 (84235) 42-555;
8 (905) 349-57-87
Address: 433513, Ulyanovsk region, Dimitrovgrad, Avtostroiteley ave., 78/10
‘KAMA INDUSTRIAL PARK ‘MASTER’ OJSC 45 Proizvodstvenny proezd, Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan 423800
phone/fax: + 7 (8552) 53-45-20 e-mail: kip-master@kamaz.ru. www.kipmaster.ru
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