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Kama Industrial Park ‘Master’ leases out production and office premises. The area is intended, first of all, for companies engaged in machine-building industry. Low cost of rent is combined with high quality of area preparation and developed infrastructural support.

Entrepreneurs having appreciated the possibility of business conducting within the industrial park attach great importance to the low rental cost. KIP ‘Master’ offers rental rates significantly lower than average city rates which are confirmed by objective results of marketing analysis of rental market in Naberezhnye Chelny. Meanwhile it should be noted that the quality of preparation of rental areas here is enormously higher which contributes to expansion of production processes with the uppermost efficiency. However there is one more particularly, for entrepreneurs, valued advantage in their partnership with the industrial park. It’s a mutually beneficial cooperation of small and medium business with big business and the government. Private entrepreneurial initiative in conditions of fluctuating market conditions supposes numerous risks. That is why assistance from the part of governmental bodies and KAMAZ group of companies gives confidence to the industrial park residents in their opportunities and stability in production process and commercial activities accomplishment.

Facts to consider:

  • Number of residents as of today is 212.
  • More than 4000 workers are employed at areas of KIP ‘Mater’ JSC. Taking into account family members of workers KIP ‘Master’ aids to the welfare of more than 12000 citizens.
  • Educational institutions of the city also cooperate with the industrial park. A great number of university students and senior high school students readily undergo their practical training here.
  • Total volume of tax revenue from KIP ‘Master’s leaseholders to budgets of all levels over the post-crisis period made 3,9 bln rubles. Thus, it may be concluded that budget revenues of all levels exceed the expenditures for KIP ‘Master’ creation for 2,6 bln rubles.
  • Over the period of existence of the industrial park more than two billion rubles were obtained by the city economy and it will make about four hundred rubles per head. The part of private investments including foreign ones made 36,6 percent of the total amount.


‘KAMA INDUSTRIAL PARK ‘MASTER’ OJSC 45 Proizvodstvenny proezd, Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan 423800
phone/fax: + 7 (8552) 38-88-83 e-mail: kip-master@kamaz.org. www.kipmaster.ru
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